The Importance of Recycling Paper

Published: 19th March 2010
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Over one third of all waste that goes to landfill is waste paper; this is and always has been a growing problem. There is a large amount of our beautiful natural forest land which is cut down each year to supply our need for paper.

There is a way to reduce the amount of wood chopped down for paper production and that is to recycle more of the current waste paper we have. Within our homes and offices we throw out in some cases unbelievable amounts of unwanted paper, from bad print outs to junk mail flyers. If we just took time to think about what we are doing we could revaluate the everyday things we do and have done for years such as just throwing waste paper into the general bin bound for landfill.

In order to help us recycle more efficiently we need the correct resources too, this comes in the form of recycling bins. By placing recycling bins within our work place for paper recycling we can simply place the waste paper into them where it can later be either emptied into a larger recycling receptacle or taken directly to a recycling refuse area within our town, city or village.

This may sound like a big extra effort, this is only because we have got stuck in our ways and sent lots of our waste to landfill sites which are increasingly becoming overcrowded and produce high amount of CO2 which is bad for our environment and the future of this wonderful planet we all call home. By simply changing our ways we can all help to reduce the amount of trees cut down each year, making the planet a nicer place.

The other thing to be considered is purchasing recycled paper such as office paper, paper towels and even toilet paper. By doing this we are helping this industry to grow and with growth there becomes demand, with demand in place we can all focus on improving our waste paper recycling. The common myth also is that recycled paper is of poorer quality and higher in price, ok so this was true a few years ago but now things have changed with better recycled paper production techniques. Now you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between recycled and standard paper. Prices have come down and can now almost match that of mass produced standard paper.

Have a look online for your next paper order and you will be surprised with the quality and price of recycled paper products, remember please do your bit to help this industry and save our environment for future generations.

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